Saturday, 9 January 2016

Online Payroll that is Simple and  Easy because your PAYE and filing to the IRD is all taken care of!

We have an amazing offer if your business or charity joins before March 31, 2016 you will receive the HR Module for free.

Normally “add-on” modules such as this would incur an additional cost of between $100 and $500 per year so this really is another great reason to join Crystal Payroll through Accounts Online.

Contact Accounts Online or phone 0800 22 22 68, 04 4999035
or email and put in the subject ‘Payroll’.

Your Skills + Our Expertise = Accounting Freedom

Saturday, 2 January 2016

Accounting Solutions and Support

Accounts Online is a NZ based company, established by professional Accountants with 20 years experience helping all types of businesses and organisations throughout Australasia.

Even if you are not passionate about managing your own bookwork, or don’t have a computer, we may be able to suggest some shortcuts that you have never considered before.

Accounts Online offers simple, easy to use accounting and bookkeeping solutions. We pull together a variety of solutions which add value and minimise time and resources required to do compliance accounting.

After receiving personalised training and ongoing support, in many cases you could complete your books, including GST, in 5/10 minutes per month! Our solutions are designed to provide the highest accuracy, and you will be absolutely astonished with the time you will save.

Accounts Online's goal is to empower all stakeholders to be more in control of your business with minimal effort. In most cases your bank statement transactions are coded automatically, reducing data entry and manual reconciliation. Time is money, and this will save you hours each month while eliminating wasteful and costly reprocessing!

Whatever your accounting needs, Accounts Online offers specifically tailored solutions to suit your business - as one size does not fit all.

Accounts Online works in conjunction with Naked Accounting to provide access to a wide range of online accounting solutions. Our personalised training and ongoing support is legendary!

With Accounts Online, you are guaranteed the tools you need with excellent service and support that puts you in control of your business’ accounts.

Your Skills + Our Expertise = Accounting Freedom

Accounts Online - Your 'go to experts' for accounting support